Thursday has arrived! We’ve been lucky with the weather again and spent lots of our day outside!

We read lots of lovely stories during group time. We love to read books but we really love to sing songs! When we sing ‘Brown Bear’ the children enjoy using the laminated visual aids for all of the different animals!

A stretchy yoga session today! The children showed off how flexible they are and how … not flexible their educators are!!

Today was a day of arts and crafts! We used our fine motor skills to decorate and paint lots of things today. We painted lovely green parrots, pretty dragonflies and decorated fire with red and orange too!

Our Emerald children really enjoyed the sand pit, water tray and cubby house today! We all had so much fun playing together 😊

Happy Birthday to Harry! Harry is 2 today and we had so much fun celebrating for afternoon tea. We had a visit from Harry’s big brother Oliver and ate cupcakes! YUM!

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