We began learning about Monet today. We talked about how he liked to make his paintings look less detailed looking and make the viewer feel like they were in the actual places he was painting. We were then invited to use acrylic paint to make our own versions of some of Monet’s paintings.

Little Lego was very popular today. Rasmus, Billy, and Rueben were very proud of their final creations and made sure to show Amanda and their peers their creations.

We loved Tima’s activity today of using the magnifying glasses to look at bigger versions of birds and find the details in each picture. We pointed out the items we saw in each bird and showed excellent turn taking skills in the process.

Sony was teaching us about Kandinsky circles today. We enjoyed using a variety of colours as we made circles in various sizes.

Rosanna invited us to get creative with Playdough.  We used a variety of items to create new scenes and engaged in dramatic play with our Playdough creations.

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