It’s Tuesday! What a fantastic day we’ve had!

The children really enjoyed group time this morning! Bernice read their favourite books and they all listened intently! Everyone has really developed their focus and attention through our daily group times 😊

Today the children practiced yoga with Rita! They were so excited to show off what they had been learning. We love yoga, it’s great for the children’s gross motor skills and balance too!

We got crafty today and the children participated in painting and gluing and sticking activities! These are perfect for creativity and working on fine motor skills.

Recently the children have been learning about fire fighters, fire engines and fire! Today we used our hands and fingers to push the red, yellow and orange paint up the paper to make a fire! But be careful … it’s hot!

What a terrific Tuesday the children have had playing soccer/football in the garden, making birthday cakes in the sand and building tall towers with the blocks.

See you tomorrow!

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