Happy Friday Everyone! The sun is shining 😊

Today the children enjoyed reading ‘Spot goes to the farm’ with Robyn! They love to open the flaps and see what’s hiding behind them. We’ve been learning a lot about farm animals and baby animals through this book too!

Jasmine is here today! The children love to play and sing with Jasmine in the mornings!

Yesterday during yoga, the children were introduced to ‘Stop, drop and roll’, a simple fire safety technique! With the help of ‘Firie Ted’ the children followed along and are really starting to understand the commands! Plus, rolling is fun 😊

Well done everyone for participating in a slightly different yoga session today!

This spring, the children have been learning about bugs! Today we used playdough and our small world insect toys to make fossils! The children pushed the bugs into the playdough to see what shape it would make – how fun!

We used our fine motor skills to glue and stick to make a lovely Spring collage with pink petals and leaves!

Today has been so much fun! The children have enjoyed lots of activities and playing together. We hope you enjoy your long weekend 😊

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