We have had a very busy day in Crimson! We have loved this warm weather and soaked it all up.

We loved playing games in the yard with Tom. He was showing some of us the proper technique of throwing or rolling the ball for the game. We all had a sense of accomplishment as we hit the target.

Gail set up bug homes for us today. We did great sharing as we used the sand trays to move the bugs from one area to another. Creating butterflies with the special vibrant textas was a lot of fun as well!

Painting on the easel was also very popular. Tima set up some beautiful flowers that we enjoyed looking at and trying to paint.

The rainbow car track was a lot of fun as well. We liked how we could break and rebuild it in a variety of shapes as we played with it throughout the day!

Some of us also enjoyed doing cartwheels and tumbles on the soft turf. We have shown how strong we are!

Reading books and having a tea party with the bears was also a fun activity.

We hope you have a lovely long weekend, see you Tuesday!

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