We continued working on artists with Sony and Amanda. With Sony, we did our art works off of using strips of paper. We showed our creative side as we used the strips to make our creation. With Amanda, we learnt about Les Darlow and his use of oil pastels in order to make landscapes. We continued on with our Spring themed art work as we used the oil pastels.

Over in 59, we were excited to listen to some of the songs and dances that were being played in Aqua. We were moving and grooving to the music!

We continued working on our reflection paintings with Tima. We painted one side of the butterfly and then squished it onto the paper to make the other side of the butterfly. Izzah was also excited to share photos from her holiday for News Time!

We loved watering the plants, playing in the sand trays, and being in the yard!

Happy birthday to Imri! Thanks for brining in cupcakes to share today! We hope you had the best day!

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