Happy Tuesday Aqua family. It is a sunny one today and the children enjoyed some water play in the garden to cool down. They used boats and pushed them around the water. They love to cool down in it and happily explored for up to 20 minutes.

Outside is always popular with the children especially when the sun is shining. The children are using hats and sunscreen to stay safe from the sun. please make sure that your child has a hat daily with their name on it.

Today with Sara the children have being having fun building with the small Legos. The children made many things using hand and eye coordination skills.

Some of the children joined Bambi on the grass for a story.

We then went into our small groups and the children then joined their teacher for learning centre time.

With Alejandra the children used fine motor skills and made slits in the paper. They are getting so amazing at controlling their scissors.

With Helena the children have started to talk about Halloween. They read a story about all the different costumes they can use and dress up as and they especially love the pumpkin, they then joined her at the table to make their very own one using orange paper.

With Nelson the children watched as he demonstrated what he wanted them to do in the obstacle course. He used balancing skills to complete the course. After he called each child to have a turn and they are really getting so strong physically. Many of them completed the course without any help.

It was a super fun Tuesday, with many fun things happening within the day.




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