Welcome back! It’s Wednesday today! The children have had another fantastic day full of fun and creative activities 😊

This morning the children enjoyed group times with MeiTing, Jasmine Robyn and Ekta, where they read their favourite books, talked about lots of things and of course, sang so many nursery rhymes!

During yoga today the children practiced their tree poses! We used our bodies to reach up high to become a very tall tree and to squat down low to be a very small tree! We always have so much fun developing our gross motor skills through yoga every day!

We’ve really been enjoying arts and crafts this week! Today the children were able to participate in many different activities!

We painted and decorated paper plates to look like Halloween pumpkins.

Together we painted a big cauldron from the book ‘Meg and Mog’ to put on our display.

We continued with our sea animal project by decorating lovely green jellyfish.

And we continued with our bug project by painting bugs and stamping them onto our paper!

All of these fun art activities are encouraging the children to explore their creativity and to enhance their fine motor skills. Great job everyone 😊

Another great day had by all!

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