What a beautiful sunny day we had today, the children are full of sun cream and are keeping safe while outside by putting their hats on.

Some of the children started their morning off with some stories with Alejandra. They love stories and it is so good to help develop new words. They especially love listen to the teacher’s books.

Sand play as always is a big hit. The boy’s love transporting the cars around it. They also made cupcakes today, as it is Jakes 3rd birthday.

We would like to wish Jake an incredibly happy ‘

birthday and hope he has a wonderful day filled with fun and laughter. Thank you for the beautiful cup cakes you brought for your friends and your teachers, we loved celebrating with you.

Some of the children became photographer’s with Lisa today, they used their skills and took pictures of each other. There was so much laughter heard in the garden as they snapped each other.

Some children enjoyed their time in the kitchen area. Adeline told Edward all about going to get her hair cut at the hairdressers, she told him there was a mirror just like this one.

We split into 3 groups for learning centre time, we welcomed each other and then read some stories, the children are especially liking a story about Halloween and all the fancy costumes.

After we split into small groups. With Bambi the children explored orange dough and made many wonderful pumpkins and different shapes by using their hands to manipulate the dough.

With Lisa the children made smoothies, they used all healthy fruit, banana, watermelon and apples and blended them together with soy milk. It was so delicious; we will have many famous chiefs in years to come.

With Katherine the children made spiders, they painted their hands blank and made a print on the paper. With Donna the children made witches potion, they used food colouring, bi-carb soda and vinegar and they made the potion spill all out of the cauldron. We also learnt a new word ‘’Cauldron’’.

This afternoon, we also celebrated Jake’s 3rd birthday with cup cakes and birthday song!

Happy 3rd birthday Jake!

What a fun day at Aqua today, we hope you all have a lovely evening.





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