Thursday is here! It’s been a hot day and the children have enjoyed lots of activities and exploring the outdoor environments!

This week during our group times, the educators have started to talk about Halloween! We have some spooky Halloween themed books that the children love to read! This year, one of the children’s favourite Halloween books is ‘Meg and Mog’, and everyone has been enjoying our Meg and Mog related activities 😊

A quick, but energetic yoga session this morning! We warmed up our bodies for the day ahead of us and exercised our gross motor skills with some jumping, tall tree poses and downward dog!

Today the children had so much fun participating in painting activities! They used their fine motor skills to paint toilet rolls and turn them into monsters, as well as paint spooky Halloween bats!

We decorated scary mummies with strips of white paper…

And things got sensory when we explored slime! What a fun mess!

We’ve had a lot of fun today playing outside and splashing in water. We dug holes in the sand pit and played nicely together all day 😊

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