Happy Monday everyone! Today we started book week with children dressing up and bringing books from home to share. Harvey as a T-rex, Leonardo as superman, Levi W as Catboy and Isla as piranha! They had so much fun showing peers their costumes! The Aqua explorers started their day off with relaxing yoga, they performed various poses with Alejandra and enjoyed learning names of the animals in Spanish. The explorers also took interest in the sandpit digging and driving their cars around! Inside the explorers were busy practicing their cognitive and social skills through restricting of the doll house.

Just before learning centre, the Aqua explorers were divided into three groups for literacy group time. With Bambi, they listened and sang ‘people all around the world’ , through it the children learn to say hello in different languages such as Japanese, Fijian, Spanish etc. With Nelson, the explorers could not wait to read their story from home, Harvey shared his dinosaur story from home while superman Leonardo brough along a superman book to share. Elaria also brought a Peppa pig story to share with peers. Outside, Isla showed off her hair band and read the story ‘Piranhas don’t eat bananas’ with Katherine.  Language experiences such as these provided opportunities for children to extend on their cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre time, the Aqua explorers made traditional bookmark with Bambi. Bambi showed them a real bookmark before they started. With different coloured textas, the explorers drew on their bookmark creatively. At the round table inside, the explorers were encouraged to make monsters with playdough. The explorers had so much fun practicing cutting, moulding, and rolling their playdough into funny monsters. Outside with Katherine the children continued the Halloween theme, this time they made bats with black paint. With Nelson, the explorers built spaceship and mega structures using Legos. The children had such a busy Monday today!

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