Today the children continue to come to school dressed in many different book characters. Some came as their Favourite, Lily and Charlotte where so excited as they saw each other dressed alike in Snow White dresses.

The children are enjoying sharing their books at group time and then when they are sitting on the mat together. We are really enjoying reading all our books together. Thank you to the Moms and Dad’s for doing a great job in the evening time to get them ready.

Playdough was a big hit today; the children are exploring the colour orange for the pumpkin. They use many different tools to manipulate the dough to their desired shape.

At group times the children explore books and songs with the teacher.

After group time we go into small groups and work on many projects with our peers, some of the children made Ghosts for Halloween.

Some of the children made lovely bookmarks for their own books.

Block play was also a big hit today, the children had fun together making houses for the 3 pigs to live in. They had listened to the book and then sourced their own play with the blocks. Well done you guys.

We had an incredibly special day in Aqua yesterday, Alexia turned 3. A big happy birthday to her and thank you for sharing the lovely ice lollies with us.

The children loved singing happy birthday to Alexia.


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