Happy Monday everyone! On this wet morning, the Aqua explorers started their day off with different indoor activities. The playdough table was busy with children making birthday cakes and pretend cookies. Inside the block room, the explorers practice their physical skills with yoga. They enjoyed stretching and performing their favourite yoga moves such as elephant and crocodile. While some children were busy with yoga, others were busy running cars on the colourful track as well as puzzles.

The Aqua explorers were divided into three groups for literacy group times. With Bambi, the children listened to some of their favourite stories on the speaker. They loved listening to different songs with Bambi especially ‘the fussy wassy caterpillar!’ With Katherine, the children requested some of their favourite stories from her book bag, they enjoyed ‘who’s driving’ as well as ‘My Zoo’. With Nelson, the children sang some of their favourite nursery rhyme with feltboard characters. Such experiences provided opportunities for children to extend their cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre time, the Halloween sensory bin was popular with the explorers. They enjoyed scooping and uncovering hidden objects inside the rice. With Bambi the children explored leaves and practiced their threading skills with leaves. With Nelson the children were encouraged to extend their gross motor skills! With Katherine, the explorers couldn’t wait to take turn with the snappy crocodile! The Aqua explorers had so much fun on this rainy day today!


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