Another rainy day today, but that will not stop Aqua from having lots of fun. When it isn’t raining, we love running and playing outside. Today the children explored the sandpit area, using many different tools they manipulated them to move the sand around.

Outside at learning centre time the children had fun with Nelson and the amazing obstacle course set up for them. The children had to use both large and small muscles to complete the course. They crawled under the table and did not many different balancing skills.

Inside it was so sweet to see Emily, Alexia and Annabel giving each other a big cuddle as they played together.

Playdough was a big hit as always, and the children made many wonderful creations. Levi look at that crocodile, you made him, using the cutter all by yourself. They even made a birthday cake for Donna’s puppy as he turns 1 today.

It was lovely to see the children still so interested in books this week. A small group sat to explore Donna’s fairy book.

We all joined in 3 different groups and welcomed each other to school. The children love being involved in group time, they used props to sing baby shark in Donna’s group, nelson told the story of the 3 pigs, while Alejandra told the story about the elephant.

After the children joined their teachers for some creative experiences as well as cutting. The children are learning how to control the scissors and are getting particularly good.

With Donna the children made some scary skeletons. They used fine motor and stuck cotton tips as the bones.

We are all super excited to dress up for Halloween on Friday. Have a lovely Tuesday evening Aqua families.


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