Today, we continued our exploration of skeletons.

With Arturo, we arranged cotton buds to represent bones to create a skeleton. It was fun to get the skeleton to assume various poses. Some skeletons are dancing, others have their hands raised, others have their legs together, and so on.

Sony also invited us to create a skeleton but with white yarn. We carefully stuck the yarn to the black paper. We were able to recreate even the smallest bones, such as the bones of the fingers.

Gail brought out some purple skeletons. We drew the skeleton in white pencil, using them as a reference. We drew each bone, observing carefully how they were connected.

Otherwise, we had the opportunity to make a witch’s potion. With Gail, we mixed the vinegar and baking soda together to make a potion and enjoyed observing the chemical reaction that took place. With Shoko, we made the potion by stirring the various ingredients – spiders, scorpions and eyeballs – into a witch’s pot. We threw in the ingredients according to the “Witches Brew Recipe” displayed on the wall. It was a great opportunity to get to work with letters and numbers.

In the afternoon, James, Rueben, Nicky, Camille, Rasmus and Thomas were working hard on the construction. They cooperatively build the apartment complex with a big roof. It was lovely to see they consulted and helped with each other and worked together very nicely.

We celebrated Billy’s 5th birthday by singing a happy birthday song together. Happy birthday Billy! Thank you for bringing in delicious cupcakes!

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