Today, we talked with Amanda about her move to America. We read a special book called ‘The Invisible String’ that’s all about being connected to people through love no matter how far away they are. Amanda gave us each some of this magic string and we drew pictures of the people who we are connected to all of the time.

Arturo invited us to create a skeleton on black paper. We first applied glue and arranged cotton buds to shape each bone. It was great opportunity for us to remember name of the bones as we learned them during science time a few weeks ago.

Meg invited us to design our own bat. We drew bat in white chalk on black paper, then cut it out carefully.  A variety of bats were designed, including fat bats, tall bats, fanged bats and blue winged bats etc. While using scissors, we strengthened coordination skills such as eye-hand coordination and bilateral coordination.

Shoko invited us to make Egyptian mummy. We each got a paper tube, and stuck wiggly eyes on it. We were able to stuck as many eyes as we wanted. Some of the mummies had two eyes, and some had four eyes. Then we dressed our mummies with white paper that represented as bandage.

In 59, we enjoyed singing Halloween song ‘Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate’. Thank you for Tima to bring 5 paper pumpkins so we could hold them while singing.

After, Sony invited us to make paper lanterns. We needed to have great concentration in cutting the paper straight with scissors. We also practiced our fine motor skill by manipulating playdough. We used our imagination to create a habitat for dinosaurs.

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