We’ve been busy today getting ready for Halloween.

With Arturo, we explored our digestive system and favorite food. After he explained them to us using pictures, we each added our favorite foods to the pictures. While we were drawing, we talked about why we liked those foods. After learning about bones, it was interesting to know more about our body.

Shoko invited us for Halloween Bingo. We each had a paper with Halloween pictures on it, then we challenged our visual discrimination skill to find same picture that Shoko had chosen. It was a lot of fun to participate in the game while talking with friends. We also helped a friend who was having difficulty finding pictures.

Gail again set up our favorite activities, witches magic potion making experiment! Since it was very popular, we needed to share resources and turn taking with friends. All of us were able to wait patiently for our turn and be kind to give a turn to friends when we were finished playing.

With Tima, we talked about letters. In group time, one by one we stood in front of our friends and searched for our name letters from the alphabetical chart she had prepared. It was fun way to be aware of letters!

After, we painted Halloween picture. We used paint, leaves or googly eyes to make our painting spooky!

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