Happy Halloween to our wonderful Aqua families, it was so amazing to see all the children coming to school dressed in their costumes. We had a fun morning together. We spoke about all the amazing ideas we had for Halloween fancy dress.

We had a Halloween disco in the morning and after we went and explored many areas set up around the room for Halloween.

Inside there was a table with Bambi set up to make our own head bands.

With Donna the children enjoyed making witches potion, they used Bi-carb soda, vinegar and food colouring. When they were put together there was a reaction and it formed lots of bubbles and spilt out. The children laughed so much when it happened.

In the outdoor area, with Nelson the children played a game that develops gross motor skills but also was a Halloween game. The children had to try get the cones away from him the policeman without being caught. When he caught them, they got arrested and put in the handcuff. Jack got caught and he laughed so much as he showed us him in the cuffs.

With Lisa the children also made some spooky green slim, they explored the googly eyes and the pumpkins inside. Also, they tried throwing the pumpkins into a tube.

We also had a disco and a party in the evening time and the children enjoyed ice-cream.

What a fun day we had.

Thank you to all parents for the hard work dressing the children and we wish you a very spooky Halloween weekend.

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