Tuesday is here! The sun is shining and the children have had a lovely day joining in with today’s activities 😊

During our group times today, we read our favourite books and talked about NAIDOC week! NAIDOC week is next week and the children will be able to participate in lots of activities that will allow them to learn more about the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people!

We warmed up our bodies with some yoga this morning! The children were excited to get started and had lots of fun practicing their animal poses and exercising their gross motor skills!

Today the children loved painting their hands to recreate the Aboriginal flag! We painted our hands black, yellow and red and printed them onto the paper. Together we talked about the different colours and what they represent. The black represents the people of Australia. The yellow is the sun, giver of life and the protector. And the red represents the red earth!

We had so much fun lifting up the flaps to find different shapes!

We played basketball! This is such a fun way to encourage gross motor movements by reaching up to put the ball into the basket.

What a terrific Tuesday we have had! We drew pictures on the easel and cooled off with water play in the afternoon 😊

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