Welcome back! It’s Wednesday here in Emerald room 😊 The children have enjoyed exploring outside in the sunshine and playing with water to cool off!

We started our day with group time! The children participated in lots of different group times with their different educators. We read lots of lovely stories about Aboriginal culture and history and then sang our favourite nursery rhymes.

During yoga the children exercised their gross motor skills and practiced their balancing skills and coordination!

We have had so much fun decorating an emu with leaves! We used our gross motor skills to use the paintbrush to glue the paper before pinching the leaves one by one, with our finger and thumb, to stick them down!

We read a lovely book about bush tracks and made shapes and symbols in the sand…

We played with play dough, made more craft for NAIDOC week and did a lot of dancing!

Today we are celebrating Thomas’ Birthday! We had lots of fun singing Happy Birthday and watching Thomas blow out his candle! Thank you for sharing your special day (and your cupcakes) with us!

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