On this beautiful sunny day, the Aqua explorers had a busy morning. They performed various poses and relaxed with yoga. Meanwhile, other explorers enjoyed a story time with Tingting. Some of the explorers also enjoyed construction with different blocks such as Lego and wooden blocks. Outside the explorers were busy running their cars around the car mat.

Just before learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were divided into three group for literacy group time. They read their favourite stories in their groups and started to practice Christmas songs for the upcoming concert. The Explorers were enthusiastic in discussing various things about Christmas such as what happens during that time and who will be getting presents. They were super excited when talking about father Christmas; Santa.

During learning centre today, one group of explorers requested to look at the educator’s books. whilst looking at the books, some children were reciting the story while others pretended to read the book to others.

With Alejandra, Christmas has come early, the children started to make Christmas tree with white paint.

With Liza the children were fascinated by the torch and shadow once again! This time they made their own shadow by shining the torch onto the structures they built with wooden blocks. Such experience promotes cognitive concepts such as investigation and experimentation.

With Helena, the children extended on their physical skills through dancing. This time they were dancing to the songs from Bonker’s beat CDs.

The children had such a happy day today!

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