Happy hump day everyone! On this beautiful sunny day, the Aqua explorer had a busy morning engaging with different activities. Some explorers took interest in the insects inside the plant pots. Others were busy constructing with different blocks such as Legos, wooden blocks as well as mobilos. Meanwhile at the home corner, the children were taking good care of their babies by tucking them to bed and patting. Meanwhile, some explorers were engaged in some challenging puzzles at the table. At the table, the children assisted Helena made play dough.

Christmas has come early this year, after the explorers got into their literacy groups, the Aqua explorers enjoyed singing Christmas songs as well as dancing. The explorers also enjoyed listening to their favourite stories with the educators. Experiences such as these provided opportunities for children to extend their cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre time, the children enjoyed variety of experiences.

At the play dough table the children extended on their fine motor and creativity skills through cutting and moulding.

Inside, the children requested Liza to do the torch experience again, as the result the children created Christmas shadow on the wall with their torch.

With Bambi, the explorers couldn’t wait to make their own Christmas tree with Christmas colours and popsicle sticks.

Outside the children were busy revisited foil painting with toot  brush as well as painting Christmas trees.

In the yard, the Aqua explorers facilitated their cognitive skills through excavation with diggers and dump trucks. Meanwhile, other explorers were busy extending on his physical skills through balancing along the balancing beam and jumping off.

The Aqua explorers had so much fun today!

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