The Aqua explorers started this beautiful day with lots of construction experiences. The girls enjoyed making cars and tower with Legos. At the home corner, the Aqua girls were busy putting their babies to bed. Meanwhile, at the construction corner, the children performed their favourite yoga poses with Alejandra. Outside in the yard, the children were exploring volume the water tray. The dinosaur patch was also busy with children engaging in pretend play.


During literacy group time, in their groups, the children enjoyed singing to various Christmas songs such as ‘jingle bell’ and ‘Santa is coming to town’. After that, the children read their favourite stories with educators. Literacy experiences such as these provided opportunities for children to extend their cognitive and language skills.


During learning centre time, the children were invited to a different experience. With Tingting, the explorers were busy painting on gladwrap.


With Liza, the children were invited to reindeer with paper plates and paint.


With Bambi, the children continued to make a Christmas tree with Popsicle sticks.


With Helena, the children extended on their physical skills through walking, balancing, and jumping.


The children also enjoyed making pretend afternoon tea at the outside home corner while the construction sandbox was busy with children exploring different construction machines.


The Aqua explorers had another busy day today!

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