We enjoyed indoor activities in the morning as it was raining unfortunately.

Since our interest in Halloween has been sustained, we decided to extend it and learn about our bodies. In group time, Arturo explained us how we control our body. Now we understand that we have to control our muscles to do everything even just washing our wands or using scissors to create arts. Also, we know we use our brain to build high tower with blocks. How amazing our bodies work!!!

In 59, we used our hand to create art. We traced our hands and cut them out with scissors. Then we glued it to another piece of paper and used a brush and cotton buds to make a pattern. It was tricky to cut out into hand shapes, but we showed fine motor skills and used scissors well.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed playing in the yard as the sun peeked out. Of course, the new equipment, climbing dome, was very popular. We followed the rules and waited patiently for our turn. Playing with cars was also popular. We picked a car we liked and drove it over the road on the map mat. When a car was about to collide, we gave way each other.

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