Since it was raining heavily, we couldn’t go to the yard. However, we had so much fun in the room and the veranda!

We were all excited to be a doctor in Burns bay cottage hospital. We sat in front of the computer and used the keyboard to type the patient’s information. We also wrote our names and the names of our patients on a piece of paper. Other doctors took the temperature of patient who was lying in their beds and listened to their heartbeats. Everyone wanted to try out different tools, so we played while sharing and turn-taking. Also, we switched roles as we played.

Amol invited us to make marble art with shaving cream. We sprayed shaving cream in the plastic zip bag and added few drops of food colorings onto it. After zip up the plastic bag, we mixed it with our fingers from the surface of the bag and observed the colors mixing together. It was interesting to watch the shaving cream turn into different colors and it was very pleasant to the touch.

With Shoko, we continued focus on indigenous flags. We learned what each color of the Torres Strait Islander flag represents. Then Shoko invited us for collage art activity. We tore green, black, and blue crape paper and stuck them on to paper to create the pattern of the Torres Strait Islander flag. It was a bit more difficult as the pattern is finer than the Aboriginal flag, but we worked hard while using our fine motor skill.

In 59, Sony invited us to paint on the rocks. We used red, yellow, orange and blue paints to make marble patterns. It was fun to paint on something other than paper. Each of the stones turned out to be a unique design.

With Tima, we put a lot of effort into writing letters. We carefully traced the letters from A to Z. We proceeded carefully while being mindful of the way we held the pen.

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