As NAIDOC week has begun, we acknowledged and showed our respect to First Nations, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. We learned their culture and their way of connecting with nature through listening to the indigenous books, singing indigenous songs such as “Taba Naba” and “Inanay”, and exploring indigenous arts.

With Amol, we learned what each color represents and gained a better understanding of the Aboriginal flag. Then we created hand art using the colours of the Aboriginal flag – red, yellow and black. It was tickling to color our hands, but it was so much fun!

Shoko read the Aboriginal Dreamtime story ‘How the kangaroo got their tails’ to us. After we recreated the scene where the kangaroos got their tails from a storybook. We cut and pasted big and small kangaroos and coloured them in our favorite colours. Then, we used tree branches to add their tails. It was tricky to cut out two kangaroos, but we showed our fine motor skill and eye-hand coordination to complete the task.

In 59, Tima read us another Aboriginal Dreamtime story ‘How the bird got their colours.’. Then, we coloured our own birds with yellow, green, black, blue and red. After we finished painting, we made a circle and talked about what we know about indigenous people and their culture. We listened to peers patiently and gave each other a turn to speak.

With Arturo, we have been learning about our body. Today’s focus was our internal organs. We cut and pasted pictures of organs while making sure to put them in the right place, in the right order. Also, Arturo brought us a model of the stomach so we were able to explore more and deepen our understanding. It was interesting to see what each of us have inside of our body.

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