Happy Friday! What a lovely way to end the week 😊 The children have had so much fun painting, gluing and playing outside today!

During group time, everyone was really enjoying their quality time spent with their educators! We have started to sing our Christmas songs and the children are all very excited about it!

It’s basically Summer, right? And that means ice cream! Today the children had lots of fun painting their own ice lolly! It would have been great if we had a real one in this weather!

We used our fine motor skills to glue and stick our first Christmas craft of the season! Today we made Holly! What fun 😊

We had fun with water play too! We love to splash around in the water and it’s a great way to cool down in the heat! It’s super fun, but we learn a lot from water play, like social and motor skills!

Happy Happy Birthday to Sophia! We hope you had a lovely day and we loved sharing your day with you! Thank you for our delicious sorbet cake!

We have had a wonderful day playing together with our friends and educators! See you next week 😊

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