Welcome to the last day of the week ! Today we started our day preparing for our Christmas Concert followed by the group time. Children showed great learning skills as they demonstrate good memorisation of the lyrics. Well done guys!👏🏼 Similarly, in the group time, children listened to the stories facilitating their language and listening skills.

Jake enjoyed sitting together in two group times and listened to the song that was playing in the radio. It allows Jake to enhance his concentration as well as language skills.


In learning center, some children enjoyed manipulating play dough and interpret their imagination into 3D enhancing their cognitive development. Whilst, some children demonstrated great team work to rescue the dinosaurs from the ice by melting. This allows children to explore and investigate the science behind ice melting and also promote problem solving skills.


Some children got excited for Christmas and continued the craft by making Christmas tree exposing them to diversity of celebrations.


During free play, children engaged in self-selected activities such as sand play and tea parties. Some enjoyed sitting under our beautiful tent and discussed about weekends whilst some enjoyed showering off their excellent balancing skills. Isla pretended to become a great lifter and compared the weight of the cushion and the basket and declared that the basket-full of legos-  is heavier than cushion as children are great explorer to and develop the curiosities for investigations (DEEWR,2020).

The self selected activities allow children to reflect their self identity and is also respect for children’s sense of agency. Further it helps in enhancing children’s social development.


Have a good weekend dear friends and families☺️


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