Happy Monday everyone! The Aqua explorers requested story time with Ting ting at the book corner. The explorer listened attentively to their favourite stories and love to identify objects from the books. The explorers were particularly good helpers today as they assisted Liza in cleaning the breakfast table. The explorers also took interest in the emotions on the wall, they like to tell each other what emotion it is. At the magnetic table, the girls enjoyed building and sorting with the different magnetic shapes. Outside the explorers were engaged in pretend play with dinosaurs.

The Aqua explorers were divided into three groups for their Christmas song practice today. Together with the educators, the children sang and dance to some of their favourite songs. After that they were invited to choose stories from educator’s story bag. The children had so much fun during the Christmas concert practice. Such experience provided opportunities for children to extend on their social emotional, cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre today:

With Alejandra, we continued to make snowflake Christmas tree with finger painting.

With Bambi, the children practiced their fine motor skills by tearing and scrunching up crepe paper for their Christmas tree.

With Nelson, the explorers extended on their physical skills through T-ball obstacle course. They love walking along balancing beam and hit the ball with the bat.

With Liza, the children made Santa’s sleigh today. They could not wait to paint the sleigh red and decorate it with glitters.

As the result of the children’s interest in the emotional wall, they were invited to draw different emotions on faces with Ting ting.

The Aqua explorers had such a busy despite the rainy weather!

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