It was another hot day, but a cool breeze was blowing.  We were able to enjoy playing in the yard.

We continued exploring the Hindu festival Diwali this week. With Amol and Shoko, we focused on Rangoli today. We first listened to Amol’s explanation of Rangoli and then watched a video clip about it to deepen our understanding. After, we selected a Rangoli pattern from three options. We first applied glue and then coloured it by sprinkling colour sand of our choice over it. It was interesting to colour in the sand and we enjoyed the feel of the sand as well.


With Sophia, we explored the concept of symmetry. We had a look at some pictures of insects and discovered that the right half and the left half of their bodies are exactly the same. Then we used natural materials, such as leaves, to create insects. Of course, we didn’t forget to make them symmetrical!


In the afternoon, Clementine, Samantha and Mia enjoyed walking on the balance beam just like supermodels. When I pointed the camera at them, the three girls stopped and posed beautifully. It was like a page out of a fashion magazine!!


Harvey D, Rasmus and Rueben were busy constructing with big blocks. They used blocks of various shapes and sizes to create a large building complex. Harvey D commented ‘We are making city!’ Good teamwork boys!! Archie was also working on the construction, but he concentrated on making it tall. He used magnetic panels to build a very high tower. In the end, it was beyond his reach!





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