It’s Tuesday! We have had a very busy day and the children participated in so much Christmas craft that it’s coming out of their ears!

We began with group time, of course! The children love to join in with songs and read stories together. Today we also gathered round to play music on our water bottle shakers!

A fun yoga session today to warm up our bodies and prepare us for the day…

The children had so much fun painting their little feet with green paint! We stamped them onto our paper to make Christmas trees!

We painted lovely Christmas bells with yellow paint and paintbrushes…

And we decorated more Christmas trees with white ‘snow’ and our hands! The children love to feel the paint in between their fingers 😊

Today, the children showed off their dancing skills, practiced their fine motor with some gluing and sticking and lots of coloured strips of paper …. and we played in the sand pit too!


Thanks for a fun and busy day 😊

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