Well…… it was raining again in the morning. We couldn’t go to the yard. But on the other hand, we were able to spend more time practising for the Christmas concert. We gathered on the veranda, singing and dancing to various songs.


In learning centre time, we made fishing pole with Shoko. We tied a string to a small tree branch and attached a magnet to its end. Then we put a clip on the sea animals we made yesterday to stick to the magnet. After that, we all enjoyed fishing together!! We got excited whenever we caught a sea animal. Oliver and Nicky made a string of the fishing pole longer to challenge themselves as longer the string, the harder it was to control.


Gail invited us to make a Christmas tree. We pasted triangles on the black paper to shape the tree and decollated it with bis of papers. She also brought us some Christmas goods such as elf dolls and their homes. We enjoyed playing with them.


Sophia set up Hospital in the veranda. We looked at the ultrasound pictures of the time her child was in her tummy. And we talked with our friends about how we ourselves were also in the tummy. Eva was great at carrying babies and feeding them milk. Hervey E and Finn O learned how to change a baby’s nappy.


In 59, we continued singing Christmas songs with Sony and Rosanna. After, Sony invited us to make a face of Santa Claus. We cut out his face and red hat and pasted didn’t forget to put googly eyes. It was fun to put cotton balls around the face!


In the afternoon, the sun came out and we were able to play in the yard. We had fun jumping on the trampoline, talking with friends or climbing the spiderweb.


Special thanks to Elliot and Camille for helping Katherine bring the trolley!


Thank you to Emma and Finn O for helping Sophia watering the vegetables!


Thank you to Emma, Veronique, Julia and Eleanor for helping Shoko feeding guinea pig!


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