Wednesday, it is already the second half of the week! Tima is back today. We were so happy to see her. She said she missed us a lot!


Aidan, Silvan, Harvey D, Finn K and Owen were helping John to clean the yard. They each took a shovel and put the sand back into the sandpit from outside. They all worked together, so the work was done quicker. Good teamwork boys!! After, Viraj asked John some questions. He asked ‘What are you doing?’, ‘Why are you doing?’, and ‘Can I help you?’. Thank you for offering to help, Viraj!


In the morning, we practised for the Christmas concert again. Today, we did with the microphone as in a real concert. Arturo pointed the microphone at us and we sang together in a big voice. Gail provided the props and some of us became a grandma and did a little play.


In the learning centre time, we went to the yard with Shoko. Playing with cars was very popular. Oliver, Billy, Lachlan and Finn K were connecting parts together to make the racing course. After, each one had a car and held a race. We also did ‘I spy game’. We looked for the same picture among many pictures and counted how many of them there were. It was a good opportunity to work with numbers while having fun.


Gail set up various activities in the veranda. We enjoyed playing with miniature dolls and their house. We used our creativity to make up stories and share them with friends. Construction site setups were also popular. We moved cranes or scooped sand.


As an extension of the dramatic play where the baby was born in the hospital yesterday, today the baby’s baby shower was held. We welcomed baby, then wiped their bodies clean. Also, we didn’t forget to give them milk or feeding baby food.


Archie explored the numbers with Sophia. He used special equipment to measure the length of various objects. Then we discussed which ones were long, which ones were short, etc.


In 59, Time read us a story about Christmas. Then we were invited to make Christmas tree. We decollated our Christmas tree by stamping.


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