It is extremely hard to believe we are already in the month of December. The children have been getting super excited for Santa Clauses visit and they are talking about what presents he will bring.

They also have been practicing all their lovely songs they will sing for their Mom’s and Dad’s and family members.

To start the morning of we had some fun with Helena, she blows the bubbles, and the children used their hand and eye coordination to pop them. There was so much laughter in the room as they chased them.

A small group joined Donna on the mat because Charlotte brought a game for us to play, it was called match the Fairies. The children really enjoyed the game, and we would like to Thank Charlotte for sharing with us.

Some children joined Alejandra for yoga.

We split into our small group’s for stories and songs. The children are really displaying listening skills now and are great at group times.

After group times we go to learning centre time. with Liza the children started to make some baubles for the Christmas tree.

With Alejandra a group of children went with her to visit the chickens as Evan requested to see them today.

Georgia Hope and Jake had fun with the magnets.

With Donna the children made some awesome cakes with the playdough.

We would like to welcome our lovely new friend Sophie; she has joined us today and has settled very quickly today. She enjoyed sand play, play dough and she made her own bauble. Well Done Miss Sophie and welcome to Aqua.

It was a fun filled day at the Aqua room today.

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