What a wonderful Friday! Emerald children engaged in various learning experiences and they had a lot of fun today!

This morning we did the group time with Jasmine, Cindy and Ting Ting, we sang the familiars rhymes and stories, we learnt sit properly and developed the concentration skills.

Dancing is a part of the Emerald children’s daily routine, they love to move their body and show that they can do the actions with the songs such as baby shark, here comes the bear, sleeping bunny  and chicken dance etc.

In the learning centre, children played with slime and they explored it with their little hands, this helped them to develop the sensory skills.

Moreover, we were painting on the cling wrap, children showed their imagination skills on this learning experience and they drew freely and had a joyful time!

Emerald children like to participate in the play dough activity, to expand their learning of shapes, we provided different shapes of the blocks to them and made marks on the play dough.

In the free selection section, children engaged in bugs box, riding bike, sand pit play, physical play and home corner.

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