Happy Friday! We’ve had a lot of fun this week and today was no exception! 😊

We gathered for our group times this morning with our educators and enjoyed reading books and singing songs! We’ve been focusing on Christmas but we still find time to read our favourite books and sing the classics!

The children exercised their gross motor skills during yoga today! We stretched our bodies all over the place and had lots of fun doing it! We worked on balance and coordination and practiced our animal poses too!

Things got messy in the sensory tray today … we mixed flour and water with paint and explored it with our hands. It was so fun to play with and touch and we even drew shapes with our fingers!

We used our fine motor skills to practice cutting with scissors! This takes a lot of concentration and determination – perfect for keeping little hands busy! 😊

Today we have had lots of fun playing in the sand pit, exploring leaves and jungle animals and eating in the home corner! Thanks for a lovely week 😊

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