Happy Tuesday, we are getting closer to Christmas holidays and the excitement within the room is electric. The children are talking about presents under the tree and there is lots of singing happening within the room.

Today is a warm day so the children are putting lots of cream on and are excited to get the smiling face stamp. They are using their hat while outside in the garden and are very sun safe. Well Done!!

Some of the children started the morning with some puzzles. they used fine motor skills to complete them and are now completing them without the help of the teachers.

Group times where lots of fun, the children became reindeers with Bambi and sang ‘’Never Smile at a Crocodile’’ they really enjoy the book and are always asking Helena to read it.

At learning centre time, the children explored water play with Donna, we sang the song, ‘’row, row, row your boat’’. They loved pushing the boats up and down as they sang.

They also explored a Christmas box with Liza, using thongs they picked different decorations from the box.

Some of the children got to go on a visit to Crimson with Helena. Our new friend India loves animals and is always excited to see the chickens. Today she brought a few friends along with her and they enjoyed exploring Crimson.

It was a fun filled Tuesday, have a lovely evening.

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