It is Wednesday. Today was so beautiful weather. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. So we decided to practice for Christmas concert in the yard. We again sang our special princess and prince song. Samantha was a princess and Harvey E was a prince today.


In learning centre time, we did Christmas paintings with Shoko. We used blue and orange paints as well as gold and purple glitter paints to make our painting colourful. We were so excited to glued stars and sequins onto it. They made our paintings look even better with their brilliance!!


In 59 we planted tomatoes. We transferred the soil from another pot and planted the tomato plants. We didn’t forget to water them afterwards. We will be watering them every day and monitoring their growth.  We can’t wait to harvest and to eat the juicy tomatoes! Playing with the car is always popular. There are so many different types of cars to choose from that we can’t decide which one to play with sometimes.


In the afternoon, we enjoyed playing in the yard. We love to climb the spiderweb as well as climbing dome. Plus, we love to climb trees.


With Sophia, we experimented with colours. We dropped two colours of food colouring into the water and observed how they mixed together. It was interesting to see the colours slowly falling down while they mingled together.




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