Now, it’s the beginning of a new week. We continued practised for Christmas concert with Arturo. Today, we recorded us singing and watched it later. By watching the recording, it became clearer what areas needed more practice. We then practised that part over and over again to remember the lyrics and movements.


In learning centre time, we were busy getting ready for Christmas. With Rosanna, we made garlands by connecting paper loops. We made them with Christmas colours such as red, or green. We’ll decorate the walls with the finished ones later.


With Shoko, we created a Christmas tree. We cut out green paper, star, tree trunk and plant pot and glued them together on the paper. It was fun to decorate our Christmas tree with glitter paints, silver stars and small pompoms.


Harvey D and Ibhan were initiating and extending their learning. They were matching sea animals which were in the sensory bin with the picture book. It was lovely to see that they were discussing while showing respect for each other.



Welcome to Crimson Arya! We hope you had a good time with us today.


In 59, Tima introduced her in more detailed. It’s great to welcome a new friend!!! After group time, we were invited to create ornaments. We cut the paper into rounds and decorated them with glitter. We can’t wait to hang it on the Christmas tree.


Water play was popular. Sea and land animals were set up, but Eric and Arda found some boats and added to it. Good idea boys!


Tomorrow will be extra hot. Please make sure to bring your hat!


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