It was so nice to see Crimson friends on Christmas coloured clothes. Some of us dressed as reindeer, they were so cute!


In learning centre time, we designed a Christmas tree with natural materials. Gail brought some white and red flowers and green leaves. We glued them on a piece of paper in the shape of a tree to make it more colourful.


With Shoko, we talked about our favourite fruits. Then we drew them on the paper. We drew watermelon, apple, pear, r strawberry. They all looked juicy and yummy.


In 59, we drew a present we want to receive from Father Christmas. Julia drew a Fairy, Madison drew a Rainbow, Maksym drew a Train, Ryan drew a Racing car, Balian drew a Transformer, Laura drew a Dollhouse, Hunter drew Trucks and Veronique drew a pet doggy. Lovely! We can’t wait for Christmas Day!!!


Viraj and Arya were playing mummy and daddy. They said, “We going shopping together.”.



In the afternoon, we showed our creativity with recycled materials. Tima stuck a piece of Christmas wrapping paper on the table so we added colours or patterns with watercolour pencils.

We used cardboard to make the Christmas cards. We cut out Christmas wrapping paper and pasted onto it also added drawings as well as letters.



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