It’s Thursday! The children have had another fabulous day filled with fun Christmas activities, group times and meaningful experiences 😊

Today we sat down for group time and read our favourite books! The children love to read books with flaps that they can open and see what’s underneath – It’s such a fun way to engage children in the story! We’ve also been practicing our Christmas songs!

We began our yoga session with jumping and stretching to warm up our bodies. The children love to practice their animal poses. Recently we have been practicing yoga along to a few yoga songs and the children have really been enjoying them!

For todays Christmas craft, the children set to work painting lovely red stockings! We used paintbrushes and red paint and the children had so much fun! Together we talked about Santa filling our stockings with lots of exciting gifts!


Today we have explored play dough with our hands, worked on our fine motor skills by drawing, experienced water play and helped to water the plants in the garden! What a fantastic Thursday 😊

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