Happy Friday! Just two weeks until Christmas and we are excited! 😊

Today the children gathered around for lots of different group times with their educators! Each group time is different, and the children get to experience each educator’s group time throughout the day! The children enjoy reading books with Robyn and Ekta, playing games with Cindy and singing songs with Jasmine.

This week, we have been talking about Christmas, Santa and singing lots of Christmas songs!

During yoga this morning, the children had a fabulous time following Robyn and stretching their bodies along to the music! We’ve been practicing a song called ‘Fly Little Butterfly’ and the children really enjoy it! Yoga is a great way to engage all the muscles and enhance gross motor development!

The children had lots of fun ‘free painting’ today! They used paintbrushes, red paint and their fantastic fine motor skills to paint beautiful pictures 😊

We also used those fabulous fine motor skills to glue and stick and decorate little Christmas stockings with red tissue paper!

Today the children had a lovely day participating in lots of activities! They particularly enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs and leaves, cooking in the kitchen and sliding down the slide!

Thanks for another lovely week in the Emerald room 😊

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