Happy Monday! It’s only 11 days until Christmas! We’ve had another lovely day to start off our week here in the Emerald room 😊

This morning the children sat down to engage in group time with their educators! We read books, sang songs (mostly Christmas songs) and talked about our weekends! It’s so much fun to have conversations with our little ones and hear their voices!

Yoga was so much fun today! We had lots of children join in and follow along to the music, practicing their yoga moves and animal poses. We love using our bodies and teaching the children about healthy lifestyles. Yoga is a great way to work on gross motor skills, balance and coordination!

Today we made two different types of snowmen! With MeiTing the children used paintbrushes and white paint to paint a lovely little snowman and then stick on their carrot nose!

The other children used a circular block to stamp white circles for the snowman’s body and stick on his arms, nose and a hat … they look like they melted!

We have had a fabulous day playing with our friends, exploring the insects, drawing pictures and dancing our little socks off!

See you tomorrow!

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