Hello, Monday. The week started with unsettled weather. Despite the weather, we were full of energy and did lots of activities.

In the morning, we made Christmas wreaths with Shoko. We decorated paper plates with Christmas wrapping paper, pom poms and glitter.



We became inspectors and helped Arturo to clean up the room. We organised the toys in baskets as well as picking up toys that had fallen on the floor. It’s great to have toys organised so we can find the ones we want to play with quickly!



Hana, Amariah, Oscar and Camille were extremely happy to be a mini teacher in 59. They helped teachers to set up activities, clean up, and lots more. Thank you, Hana, Amariah, Oscar and Camille for your help!

Meanwhile, we were invited to create the Christmas stockings. We cut out the stocking and decorated with cotton balls and glitter. Also, we made a Christmas book. We made sure all the pages were filled!


Veronique shared her fabulous story with us. She showed us some pictures of the ballet concert. She proudly told us that she had received a certificate!


Happy birthday Laura! Thank you for sharing delicious cupcakes with us!!!!


Thanks for Rusmas to share a wonderful holiday story!


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