Today was different from the usual mornings. Suddenly a whistle sounded and we knew it was a lockdown drill. We quickly went inside the room and were quiet for a while. When the teacher called our names, we all said, “Here I am”. Well done Crimson friends!!


In learning centre time, we wrote a letter to Santa Clause. We drew pictures of what we want so that Santa will not forget to bring us presents! To make it easier for Santa to find the letters, we also made our own envelopes and put the letters in them.

In 59, we drew pictures of the presents we would ask Santa for. We made sure to put our name on To help Santa know who to give which presents to!

Extension from the book called ‘Ziggy’s Zoo’ which Isidora brought from home, Maddison and Isidora collaboratively creating zoo on the couch. They placed the book, stuffed frogs and bears and made a garden for them.


Imri is always happy to draw pictures on the whiteboard.



We are happy to see you, Thomas! We hope you have enjoyed your stay in Crimson.


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