On this gloomy morning, the Aqua explorers started their day off with Lego constructions. Lily and Levi utilised their creative and imagination in building their structures. The children were also excited to assist the educators in setting up the yard this morning!

Just before learning centre, the Aqua explorers split into three groups for story time. With Alejandra and Bambi, the explorers requested Christmas songs. They all sang loudly and happily. With Liza, the explorers requested stories form CDs, especially ‘Neenaw, Neenaw the fire engine’. They listened attentively and some of them even sang along to the music. With Nelson, the children discussed what they do for Christmas and read some of their favourite Christmas stories.

During learning centre time, the children were invited to variety of activities:

With Alejandra, they continued to construct with different blocks such as Legos and wooden blocks. The boys Charlie, Henry and Evan built roads and tunnels for their cars using wooden blocks!

With Liza, the children made Santa’s hat in preparation for Santa’s visit.

With Roasanna, the children made hand prints for Christmas wreath.

With Nelson, the children were excited to extend their physical skills through jumping over cones and running around the obstacles.

With Bambi, the children were busy making ginger bread man with play dough.

In the afternoon, Santa visited the Aqua explorers.  They were all excited to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas!



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