How excited are everyone coming to school today. the children are delivering wonderful gifts to the teachers making us smile and it feels like Santa has come to visit us. We would like to thank all our wonderful Aqua families for the gifts, but most of all for the beautiful kind words that you have wrote in the cards giving to us. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being beside us throughout this crazy year. We worked hard together as a team to keep us all safe. We hope you have a wonderful safe Christmas and enjoy family time.

Today was another quiet day at Aqua, there are many children already on their Christmas break so the Aqua group have been wrapping up, cleaning the toy’s which the children love to do with us to help. We will be ready for the start of the new year.

One group of children went to visit the animals in Crimson. While at it, the children took interest in the different plants in the yard, we even spotted a strawberry in the strawberry plant!

At the table inside, we made Christmas coloured rice for our sensory bin. We had so much fun mixing the rice and food dye around!

Inside Georgia, Saige and Elise built a big Christmas tree they told me. They worked as a team to complete the task and laughed as the tree feel down.

Lily and Charlotte had some time with Donna to settle into the morning. We shared a book together and talked about our weekends.

India enjoyed time exploring the puzzles. Her cognitive skills shined as she completed them without the aid of the teacher.  Elise and Emmeline Foo also joined her to complete the puzzles, they also could complete them on their own.

At learning centre time a group of children joined Donna to make their own gingerbread man. We were helping everyone stay healthy for Christmas by washing our hands and then using our gloves so no germs can get into the bowl. The children learnt new words as they repeated the ingredients with Donna. We used cinnamon, flour, Butter, brown sugar, and ground ginger. The children loved the smells of the spices. They really enjoyed this activity and are waiting patiently for them to be cooked.

We also had time exploring the Christmas rice boxes. We loved scooping and pouring the rice from the cups using our fine motor and coordination skills.

What a fun day. Have a nice evening.


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