Guess who visited us in Burns Bay Cottage today?

He has a red red coat, and a red red hat.  His boots are black and he carries a sack. He has a twinkle in his eyes and a friendly smile. And his name is…..??? Yes, Santa Clause!!!!!

We were all so excited when Kruti told us that Santa is going to visit us in the afternoon. We thought we were super lucky as for sure he is been extremely busy, especially at this time of year! We had a big discussion with our friends about the presents we wanted to ask Santa for. Some wanted a make-up set, some wanted a unicorn, some wanted a dinosaur robot, some wanted a toy car.


It was with much excitement and anticipation that we spent learning centre time in the morning.

We made a Christmas wreath using paper plates. We cut and pasted Christmas wrapping paper and stars on them. Then wrapped Christmas-coloured ribbons around them to make them look more Christmassy. We can’t wait to bring it home and hang it on the door!


Watercolour painting is always popular. Maddison and Freya were painting the presents they would ask Santa for. Billy was recreating the pages of a picture book that had been placed as a provocation. He used a variety of colours and had great attention to detail.


In 59, Arya and Veronique showed us their special things. Arya was very polite and had a wonderful manner of public speaking. She sat down on the sofa and greeted us politely with a “Good morning, everyone” before starting to tell us about her special doll. When she had finished, she said: “Thank you”. Well done Arya!



Beautiful matching dress, Samantha and Hazel!




Then, in the afternoon, came the moment we had all been waiting for. Santa had arrived! He rang the big bell and said, “Ho ho ho!”. One by one we sat on Santa’s lap and had a conversation with him. He asked us lots of questions such as “What do you want for a present?”, “Where do you want me to put present?”, “Can you wake up early on Christmas day?”, and “Can you prepare fresh carrots for reindeers?”. Thanks for coming despite your busy schedule, Santa!!!!



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