Hello, beautiful Tuesday. Just 3 more sleeps until Christmas!!! It’s a feeling that’s getting more and more exciting by the minute!


It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a clear sky. We had a lot of fun playing in the yard. It was very nice to play outside and everyone was super happy!


Of course, we enjoyed participating in various activities in the veranda as well. As we enjoyed so much yesterday, Gail set up sand play again today. What was different from yesterday was that the bugs were in the sand trays and the construction site set-up had been added. She really knows what we like! Belian, Finn O and Aidan spent a long time playing with the construction site set-up. They used their imagination to create a story and shared it with the three of them.


Arda and Archie showed their great fine motor skill and problem-solving skill to build a large building using connection blocks. Their buildings were finely divided into rooms. Arda preferred the triangular blocks and Archie preferred the square blocks.


Samantha was teaching Zoe a special language using a picture book. Samantha pronounced a new word slowly on each page, and Zoe repeated it. These words were not English, French, Japanese or German. When Shoko asked Samantha ‘What language are you speaking?’, she said ‘My language!’. Great creativity, Samantha!


Elliot was so brave to climb up the climbing frame and slid down the balance beam. He seemed to like it and repeated it several times.


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