Another beautiful day! Shortly after we finished morning tea, we went to play in the yard.


Today, we did the cleaning again. We helped Shoko to wash toys in soapy water. It was so much fun to touch the bubbles and also it was nice to touch the cold water! It was the perfect way to cool down our body. We all worked together, but Ibhan and Edward were the best helpers!! Two boys washed the toys well to the end. They also helped Shoko to put the toys in the net after washing. Thank you for your help!!!


While some of us helping Shoko, others were helping Amol to organize the shed. We first took out all the boxes containing the toys. Then we took the toys out of the boxes and separated the washable ones from the non-washable ones. Afterwards, we sorted all the toys and put them back in the shed. It made us very proud to see all the toys organised so neatly.


Harvey D and Joshua noticed there was a tow truck on the other side of the fence. Then they called Rasmus and Rueben to come and have a look too. Other children saw them and came to have a look as well, so a line was formed along the fence! Rasmus asked “What are they doing?”, Joshua answered, “That truck pull the car.”. Rasmus said, “Oh, that car is broken. Maybe the engine is not working.”. Rueben commented, “If the engine is not working, the car doesn’t move.”. Harvey added, “Yeah, the engine makes car move!”. It was great discussion guys!!!


Ibhan and Eric were collaboratively making the road for the cars. They lined up natural materials to outline the road. They also made a bridge out of small wooden boards. Nice work boys!


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